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What is an A&R?

The A&R of a record label or entertainment company is responsible for finding producers, songwriters and new recording artists and bringing them to the company or client.

What is an International A&R?

The International A&R of a record label or entertainment company is responsible for finding both international and domestic producers, songwriters and new recording artist and bringing them to the company or client.

Billboard Entertainment Group offers both domestic and international A&R services at the premium level within the entertainment business for independent, mainstream labels and artist. We handle our client’s artist and repertoire services from A-Z: including finding producers, songwriters, features, demo talent, musicians, Engineers, Mixers and mastering and Music Video professionals.

We can assist with any level of talent that fits your budget.

Billboard Entertainment Group has contacts with the very best upcoming producers, Songwriters, features, demo talent, musicians, engineers, mixers, mastering and music video directors domestically and foreign.

We also offer premium top shelf A&R services for those that have the budget and aspire to work with the very best in the business. (Requires starting budget of no less than 35K for this premium level of services.) Contact: A&

We have contacts with talent from the following major organizations:


Disclosure: All companies and contacts within these organizations reserve the full right to consider or not consider, participate or not participate on any and all projects presented.  Billboard Entertainment Group or its staff does guarantee any affiliation for its clients or prospecting clients until a deal is authorized through the proper legal processes for any business or single entity with any organization, talent or staff of the companies listed. We do not share any direct information including email, office, cell, fax, mailing address etc for any reason of our contacts ever, which includes company employees, affiliates, executive staff, assistant, representatives etc.