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Billboard Entertainment Group provides direct consulting services for your start up and established independent domestic or international recording labels also entertainment companies. We consult in the following areas:

- Company setup (Business Filing, Staffing and training)
- Cooperate Identity Development
- Marketing
- Branding
- Public Relations
- Promotions
- Affiliate program setup
- A&R
- Management
- Legal affiliation

- Operations
- Accounting
- Distribution
- Publishing
- Licensing
- Data Analysis
- Sales

Billboard Entertainment Group does not handle all of these areas of consultation internally, in many cases we broker these services out to licensed qualified firms, companies or individual DBA affiliates within the entertainment business. We manage all of our client accounts directly with the third-party company or DBA individual of our clients choosing. Every client we choose to consult has full access to an assigned account executive to insure that they are receiving the very best of service from all sides. Billboard Entertainment Group offers our clients internal consultation to provide numerous amounts of options for each area in which we offer consulting services. “ So there is never any pressure to choose a particular company”.

The goal for Billboard Consulting is to provide you with the resources, knowledge and tools to properly setup your new independent label, entertainment company, artist or to simply enhance your existing independent label, established label or artist success.

What is the consultation process?

- Budget Analysis
- Strategy development
- Proposal development
- Pre-Consultation
- Setup integration/implementation



We treat each business or artist as if they require their own unique needs of service tailored to enhance their particular vision and goals. The steps we have listed above are consistent with the standard initial phases for consulting all Billboard Entertainment Group clients.We believe in your vision, goals and dreams to succeed!
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