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Billboard Entertainment Group understands the importance of developing quality music talent. The industry has in some cases taken a step back when approaching signing an artist for long Gevity and establishing a brand for a lasting music career. Many artist are now signed based on their current popularity rather it be from social, viral or even local reasons. Some entities sign artist even to protect other established artist brands within the industry from competition. The music business has changed tremendously over the last decade in so many ways with the dynamic growth of the Internet, Social Media, digital platforms and Independent label and independent artist success.  Major labels have had to make tremendous cut backs within their artist development departments and even A&R departments because of the decline of record sales and the overwhelming increase in online revenue opportunities which are not always exclusive to major labels.

Billboard Entertainment Group offers a unique traditional, combined with non-traditional artist development program for aspiring singers, songwriters and producers that is set up to create competitive talent on the independent level or major mainstream level.



What are the artist development phases?

-          Identification

-          Talent Analysis/Evaluation

-          Planning

-          Goal Consulting

-          Strength & Weakness Development

-          Apprentice Program Setup/Implementation

-          Brand Consultation

-          Strategy

-          Pre-Production

-          DEMO Production

-          Video Development

-          Social Media Setup/Implementation

-          Basic Marketing

-          Launch

Billboard Entertainment Group is not a music school, academy, training program or educational outlet that offers an academic degree program. We offer a real direct approach and connection for the select few who we feel are serious and prepared to begin developing their careers within the entertainment business. Our artist development program allows you to have access hands-on also real life training working with credited studios, engineers, songwriters, producers and even music executives within the entertainment business while focusing on your personal objectives to become successful.

How can I become apart of Billboard Entertainment Group artist development program?

Complete the following:

-          Submit Application

-          Face-To-Face Interview

-          Studio Audition

-          Live Audition

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