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Billboard Entertainment Group approach to artist management services differ from traditional industry standards. We provide world-class representation for artist or labels that absolutely demand top notch managerial service. Our management team is divided among several areas, which include representation for established artist, independent artist, songwriters and producers. We are very careful in our selection of whom we choose to represent and even more importantly how we strategize and execute our process of representation.

Unlike many artist management firms we only take on a limited amount of clients. The reasoning is quite simple! We want to offer elite and specialized attention to our client’s needs. We work diligently to assist our clients in reaching their goals. Billboard Entertainment Group is not a talent AGENCY! WE DO NOT FIND WORK! We manage client’s who have established their brand within a particular genre of music and music sector’s that truly need management to accomplish better financial, creative and career based positioning within their current situations.

Management Services

- Brand Management
- Booking
- Deal Negotiation
- Marketing Management
- Financial
- Placement Management
- A&R Services
- Publishing Negotiation
- Licensing Management/Negotiation
- Touring
- Public Relation Management
- Promotion/Advertising Management

Who does Billboard Entertainment Group currently represent?

- Billboard Entertainment Group has chosen to clear our roster for 2013 in hopes of pursuing fresh established domestic and international independent labels, entertainment firms and talent agencies.

- We are carefully but aggressively searching for independent artist that really need professional representation to move their careers to the next level.

What is the qualification process to become a label represented under Billboard Entertainment Group management division?

- Must have a minimum of 2-5 signed artist on your label roster
- Must have a minimum independent label budget of 100K
- Must have a minimum of (1) one current fully packaged artist
- Artist must be currently involved in weekly live shows, talent showcases or within a tour situation within 5 major domestic metropolitan cities or international locations.
- Show locations must exceed a minimum capacity of 350-1000 people
- Artist must be receiving or fully capable of pursuing paid shows domestically or internationally
- Label should have or be currently pursuing a major distribution situation or major recording deal for label or artist
- Artist must have professional design and packaged EPK and marketing material for label or artist
- Artist must have a minimum of 100K total followers online via social networks and or artist website subscriber base
- Artist must have a minimum of (2) professional music videos and or cover videos exceeding a minimum of 100K viewers within a 3 month period

What is the qualification process to become an artist represented under Billboard Entertainment Group management division?

- Must have a current project (Demo, Single, Album or Mixtape)
- Must be currently doing a minimum of 5 paid shows monthly
- Must have a minimum of 100K online followers via Social Networks or artist website subscribers
- Must have atleast (2) one music video online with a minimum of 100K viewers in the last 3 months
- Must be in the process of pursuing a major distribution or major recording deal

Does Billboard Entertainment Group outsource their management services to third party firms?

- YES! Our company does not handle all management services internally. We broker our services to the very best credited entertainment management professionals of our clients chose.
- Billboard Entertainment Group does take a non-traditional approach from within by managing the manager for our clients aggressively and consistently making sure our client’s needs are met from all sides.

Disclaimer: Certain areas of qualifications are negotiable but are based on a case-by-case basis also a strict application process.
Billboard Entertainment Group would like to work with many labels and talent that may not fit the criteria listed above. It is important that all prospecting clients have the opportunity to be introduced to our array of services in order to meet our standards of management qualifications.

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